Sweet Child O Mine Contest

Catch the buzz on the rock violin contest featuring Sweet Child of Mine. This was originally a YouTube video by Adam DeGraff.

It’s on Facebook, too. Dueling Fiddlers on Facebook.

Watch the video. See a violinist playing well. You don’t get that without about 10,000 hours of hard practice.

Apparently he got many requests from violinists wanting the sheet music. Based on these emails, he chose to put on this contest.

As an exercise in teaching, the contest does as well as any YouTube based learning experience. On the one hand, you can watch and rewatch parts of the video.  Adam explains violin playing concepts as he goes along.

On the other hand, questions take time, via comments. They may or not be answered by video.

Another good source of violin instruction online is Prof. Todd Ehle. Prof. Ehle has put an abundance of material covering the basic technique of playing violin. I don’t know of anything free that even comes close.

Personal one on one instruction also allows seeing a technique demonstrated as many times as needed. And you get your questions answered, and demoed immediately.

Your personal fiddle or violin coach is also looking at you to see what the next step is for your progress. A video doesn’t do that.

But, the YouTube is free. Personal instruction rarely is given out that way.

I used to advise fiddle students to seek out a fiddle teacher, not a violin teacher. Unfortunately fiddle teachers are not easily found.

Maybe YouTube is taking up the slack. There are dozens of “How to play fiddle” videos. Each offers some insight, I’m sure. (Although I have only seen a few, I admit.)

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