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At a Tarpon Talkers Toastmasters Club meeting, I once gave a short talk introducing Grassapelli. I spoke as if he was speaking through me as a medium.

My voice did not change, but something happened. Maybe it was just the intention. How I felt, how I perceived my talk was a little different. I only did it that one time.

In a similar mood, I chose one morning last week to let Grassapelli write my journal. This is the result.

There is more than a higher self in each of us. There are selves nested within us that are developed personalities from previous lives. They are no animated by soul power as we who are in the body are animated.

If our soul lends them a little power, they may express themselves. They are not all knowing. The personality is limited, but it may have reached a high point of development by its experience on this plane.
It is not so different from our normal waking self. But it may say things differently than we would say them.

This is different from multiple personalities. Those are undeveloped personalities. They are at best partial expressions of soul power. The higher personalities were, in their time, full expressions.

Nothing is now left but an empty husk. But, that husk can color the flow of thought in hues that are not customary for us in our usual speech and action.

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  1. Bert Roberts says:

    i’m not a grassapelli person but i enjoy your fiddle teachng .. thanks bert roberts

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