About Grassapelli

For years I’ve been attentive to the promptings of the music spirit that I call Grassapelli.

The creative artist and musician recognizes a higher power, an inspiring source, a muse that informs and extends his output to its full potential.

Grassapelli is the name of that muse for me. The earth magic of Kokopelli, the energy of bluegrass, the elegance of Grappelli combine in this spirit that channels through me.

It was Grassapelli that whispered the secret of 100 tunes 100 times. Grassapelli hinted of the sonic wealth to be found in A 432 tuning. Grassapelli said I could combine Irish fiddling with bluesy sounds like Eileen Ivers. Or, make Irish tunes have a Texas flavor. Or, use Irish ornaments in old time American tunes.

Grassapelli is a fusion fiddler! For social media, I appear as . on Google +.

The musical journey began in near mediocrity. It seems headed towards virtuosity. Where I am now only Grassapelli knows.

Here’s what Peter B. Gallagher says about Grassapelli:

Late at night we sit around the campfire. Dancing in the flames, weaving in the smoke, the Grassapelli spirit lurks.

When the time is right, the ancient musician leaps into the mind of Elan Chalford and his fiddle becomes one with the smoke and fire.

Pete Gallagher joins in with raw, driving guitar, while Jack Piccalo’s banjo rings with melody and dance. The thumping of Raiford Starke’s bass lays a rhythmic bottom that pleases Grassapelli so much, he drives Elan deep into that nether world where wild tradition and breathless improvisation meet.

He’s inspired by Grassapelli, the ancient fiddler of the musical spirit world.

Whether it’s about music, about life, about being human…this is where Grassapelli Speaks.

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