A Credit to the Museum

It was a privilege and a very pleasant evening of fiddling for me. The Leepa-Rattner Museum was celebrating the recognition and accreditation from American Alliance of Museums and the opening of the Clyde Butcher photographic exhibit.

I’ve played for gallery openings before. The people are very supportive and appreciative. The sound is well echoed from the hard floors and walls.

With the Florida theme I played several Florida tunes like, the Florida Cracker hornpipe, as well as my own tunes, like Quick Fix.

A young man was inspired to make a sketch as i fiddled. [Update: he was Morgan Ingham.]


The whole evening I was playing in natural tuning of A-432. The resonance of the violin and the gallery was so magnetic, I did not stop except for a short program in the auditorium where the accreditation announcement was celebrated.

I may have entered an alternate state of consciousness. As I drove away I began to remember a scene from not too long ago. But, I couldn’t decide if it had been a dream or a real event. As I proceeded down the road and started looking for my turn, I let go of that train of thought. Then, after turning, I could not remember what the scene was exactly. Where was my head?

Stuff like that is just the icing on the cake for me.

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  1. Ann Larsen says:

    Elan,it really was a pleasure to have your musical presence again in our galleries–and to have you there for our Accreditation announcement. And what fun to see the sketch done that night. I believe it is Morgan’s work but I’ll check and let you know.
    Fantastic! Ann Larsen, Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art

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