2nd Sunday Sessions

Irish Fiddle Tune Sessions

There are a fair number of sessions for Irish fiddle tune fans in the Tampa Bay area. The one I host at The Witches’ Brew is on the second Sunday of the month.

Last season I missed several because of commitments to playing music for filthy lucre. Thankfully, all that is a thing of the past. As of the past Mothers’ Day, I stopped accepting any gigs.

I have continued teaching. I have gone to sessions of Irish music and/or old time fiddle music. The one sponsored by Kim Vermeer, who also comes to the 2nd Sunday session, was satisfying. The group their has been assiduously gathering certain tunes together to make medleys.

This morning I sent a note by email to the list of 2nd Sun players. Attached was the sheet music for On the Boulevard, a Liz carroll jig I would like to include.

Then, I found the tune on my hard drive. It’s from Lost In the Loop. It’s paired with another jig, Crabs in the Skillet. Here is my story of that tune.

I learned this one a long time ago. Being a fiddler crab myself, I was sympathetic to the Crabs in the Skillet. What year it was, I cannot recall, but Bill Dudley and I played this tune as part of our contest tunes for a fiddle contest.

When the top five players were announced, I was not among their number. Bill and I agreed that the judges most likely did not include Irish tunes as permissible in the contest. Either that or we just sucked. Or, maybe, I just sucked.

When I heard the tune on Lost in the Loop, I was very pleased to make the reacquaintance. Here is as the medley On the Boulevard. Download the linked mp3 file the normal way.

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