Secret Space Program 15

Intro to Secret Space Program 2015

out-there-ssp15“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy”, said Hamlet to his college buddy.

Notice the two sides of this apposition. Hamlet just had a major paranormal experience. He feels alienated from Horatio’s implied normal, materialistic philosophy. He is in the throes of what we would call cognitive dissonance. But, the experience was too strong to put behind him and ignore.

Any of us can, and sometimes do, drift in and out of the ordinary reality mind set. It’s when we have a close encounter with WTF that we are jolted out of complacency.

Maybe you have had one or more such jolts. After a while the creeped out feeling goes away. Then, it’s a case of, did your habits change or not?

The online streaming presentations from the 2nd Secret Space Program Conference got me revved up. And I was ready for it. But, still, why is it so powerful.

Maybe because each person talked about what they do. And they are very good at what they do. And what they do is unusual. It’s way off the beaten path. Seeing how what I do is a little off the beaten path, it’s a great encouragement. Validation, even.

Why was I so ready? Well, there’s this. By the time I was 12 years old I had  contact with archetypes that are represented at the conference. I was already reading science fiction and fantasy. A friend of mine introduced me to James Churchward and The Lost Continent of Mu. That’s the beginning of my esoteric history experience.

That’s just the foreshadowing of my tendency towards what I now call, sympathetically, the woo-woo side of life. That’s how I was completely amenable to the 2014 presentations when I found them online.
They are still up and well worth taking in. I was especially impressed with Catherine Austin Fitts and Joseph Farrell. After the program i started following The Solari Report published by Fitts,
(I just looked at that page and saw that her 2015 presentation is right there!)

Similarly, I started reading Farrell’s books. I probably should have read The Cosmic War first. But, I will get to it soon. From his references to it the story could be the perfect combination of sci-fi and esoteric history.

During a break Sunday I went shopping at Publix. I agreed to let the bagger push my cart out to the car. While talking with him, a good looking, pleasant young man, I answered his question about how my week end was going. He guessed that the presentations had something to do with UFOs.

I said they did and added that they were concerned with “breakaway civilization.” He had not heard that term before and asked about it. My understanding of is that there is a group, or more than one group of human beings who have achieved such advanced technology and wealth that they have left control of all government or other institutions. They were not different from him or me, but they had these things and they had worked together to leave our society and culture.

He said that was cool and intended to Google the term. I just did and found over 200,000 hits. Is that a lot of references to something totally out of mainstream awareness?

So, what is this all about? It’s about understanding the world we live in. We already have an understanding, but how well has it served us? Dissatisfaction with one’s place in the world can lead to taking a fresh look at how things work. We’re looking for an important data source we may have missed.

For me the presenters at the Secret Space Program Conference are exactly that kind of data source.

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2nd Sunday Sessions

Irish Fiddle Tune Sessions

There are a fair number of sessions for Irish fiddle tune fans in the Tampa Bay area. The one I host at The Witches’ Brew is on the second Sunday of the month.

Last season I missed several because of commitments to playing music for filthy lucre. Thankfully, all that is a thing of the past. As of the past Mothers’ Day, I stopped accepting any gigs.

I have continued teaching. I have gone to sessions of Irish music and/or old time fiddle music. The one sponsored by Kim Vermeer, who also comes to the 2nd Sunday session, was satisfying. The group their has been assiduously gathering certain tunes together to make medleys.

This morning I sent a note by email to the list of 2nd Sun players. Attached was the sheet music for On the Boulevard, a Liz carroll jig I would like to include.

Then, I found the tune on my hard drive. It’s from Lost In the Loop. It’s paired with another jig, Crabs in the Skillet. Here is my story of that tune.

I learned this one a long time ago. Being a fiddler crab myself, I was sympathetic to the Crabs in the Skillet. What year it was, I cannot recall, but Bill Dudley and I played this tune as part of our contest tunes for a fiddle contest.

When the top five players were announced, I was not among their number. Bill and I agreed that the judges most likely did not include Irish tunes as permissible in the contest. Either that or we just sucked. Or, maybe, I just sucked.

When I heard the tune on Lost in the Loop, I was very pleased to make the reacquaintance. Here is as the medley On the Boulevard. Download the linked mp3 file the normal way.

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