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Goode News for the Secret Space Program


Way back in 1975 I read an article in a newsprint type magazine that had sensational news. Our solar system was going to pass into a “photon belt” in just a few decades, it said. When that happened, our perception would change. Everything would change.

Waiting  forty years for the event seemed too long to keep interested. I moved on to other, more pressing, matters. But now, the forty years has passed! Many of the leaders in the woo woo community are talking it up big time.

It’s eminent, folks. Better get ready because everything is going to change. Very soon. That’s the message I keep hearing. Some say it’s already begun, for those who are sensitive.

One quibbling objection did not even occur to me back in 1975. How can our solar system pass into a non moving part of the galaxy? Well, maybe it’s just moving more slowly. Or, maybe there really are parts of our galaxy that do not move.

David Wilcock gets credit for providing an answer to this question. I can also thank for providing so much of his insight with their video presentations.

Mr. Wilcock provides evidence that every galaxy has a geometric pattern that supervenes on its form. This pattern either does not move at all, or moves so slowly we cannot detect it. Well, we cannot detect the pattern at all except by implication.

According to David Wilcock’s analysis, our part of the galaxy is going past an angle, or bend in the geometric form. This increases the energy level for a while. This may be the equivalent of the “photon belt” of 1970’s speculation.

Our movement into this high energy area corresponds to an Ascension in humanity’s consciousness. He and Corey Goode talk about this in many a presentation on Gaia in the series Cosmic Disclosure.

I haven’t seen all the back videos, but I have seen enough to get a sense of the narrative arc. The protagonist is Corey Goode. Wilcock takes the role of sidekick narrator. There is a sizable supporting cast, including several of the dozens of extraterrestrial entities that hang around our solar system.

The state of affairs that is to be disclosed is the Secret Space Program. You may take note of my previous post about this. 

The primary conflict is between those who, like Wilcock and Goode, favor full disclosure and those like the Powers That Be, who favor partial disclosure. There is also a concurrent excitement about how soon the Ascension will manifest. I enjoy it as theater.

And I concede that there may be some truth to the revelations. The element that holds me back is the rationale that David Wilcock has for totally believing in what the insiders are telling him.

He finds that many individuals who don’t know each other, are saying substantially the same thing. And, further, that the channelled wisdom of The Law of One, mirabile dictu, confirms the same story. And this was published in the 1980’s, long before corey Goode appeared on the scene with his narrative. (I mean, Whoa! Right?)

David Wilcock sees these separate and unconnected sources as proof of the tale. I say, not so fast.

Taking a leaf from the tree of Miles Mathis,  I suggests that each of these sources could have been prepared by One Source, the Department of Organized Deception. Called DOOD for short.

Could be. But it’s still a Goode story, isn’t it?

For all the juicy parts, view the series on Gaiamtv. Their subscription cost is maybe one third or one fourth of premium cable.  But, with all the program choices they have, it’s ten times more entertaining. And, in the end, more thoughtful, too.

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New Year’s Resolutions Restored

New Year’s Resolution Restoration

Front cover of The Economist showing Tarot cards and Donald Trump

From The Economist and Amazon

Towards the end of my long association with Toastmaster Clubs, I was attending an advanced club. This was a club that only had members that had attained the Competent Toastmaster award, or higher.

At my last meeting, when it was my turn to speak, I came to the front of the room to give a 5 to 7 minute talk on New Years resolutions. That seemed entirely appropriate, being the first part of January. And I really thought I would be preaching to the choir, sharing something that would make them feel good about their efforts at self improvement.

I got into my topic by asking those present to raise their hands if they had made New Year’s resolutions. I expected every hand to go up. Toastmaster Clubs are all about personal growth. I thought I had good news for my fellow members.

It was an emotional blow when I saw less that half those present raise their hands. It took me a good long moment to catch my breath and reset the intention of my talk. Suddenly I was talking to atheists about spirituality.

From that moment the talk, though more difficult, went well enough, I thought. Then, after I took my seat I began to feel the cold displeasure of the other members. They clearly were not happy about what I had to say and offered a fair amount of harsh criticism.

Feeling deeply rebuffed, I suddenly had my fill and left. I don’t believe I went back. It was the wrong crowd for someone who is committed to personal growth and supportive of the similar intention of others.

What I have to share now is about the same three ideas I put before this group. They are each quite simple.

  1. The new year is a golden opportunity to renew your commitment to a worthwhile personal cause.
  2. There is a subtle helping factor in place because of the change in the year number.
  3. If there is a set back, there is also a way to look at this in a positive light.

After sharing some detail about these three factors, I will make a bold statement about following New Year’s resolutions or not.

Being Golden at the Start of the Year

First, why is it such a golden opportunity?

During the year,we are already making resolutions from time to time. Most do not work out because of the path of least resistance. It is all too easy to lapse back into a previous habit. Still, these resolutions represent our hope for being a better person. And, mirabile dictu, some work out.

The new year is associated with resolutions already. Ignore the nay sayers who hold that the association is with broken resolutions. I’ll get to that issue in the third part.

Think deeply on it. We have the whole week after Christmas to ponder. What few habits shall you pay attention to going forward? Think how you could implement a good strategy. Make your resolve.

By the Numbers

Second, the change of number from one year to the next has a subtle influence on everything. Those who say numerology is bunk have not studied it. They may be among the clueless who say all subtle energy and metaphysics is bunk.

For example, 2016 is a number whose individual digits add up to nine. Thats as high as you can go before the cycle of numbers starts over again with ten, which can be reduce to one by letting go of the zero.

To me this suggests that there is a finishing or ending vibe with that year. Looking back we can see several big changes. Can you recast them as the closing curtain for some memes or movements?

Our current year, 2017 adds up to ten, and so equals one. I see that as a beginning year. Some projects started this year will continue a long time. We can already be looking ahead to Spring for planting the seeds of a new project.

This is a very simplified hit on numerology, but that’s all we need.

Get Back in the Saddle

The third part is about what happens when your resolution is broken? That’s what we call it, a broken resolution. Sounds like fatal damage, doesn’t it? Let go of that thought.

We have within us the power of introspection. We can figure out where we went astray. We can determine how a slightly altered approach may avoid the mistake. We can renew our resolution, our resolve. Why give up at the first set back? It does us no credit.

Now for the bold statement. If you are like the majority in that advanced Toastmasters club who despised New Year’s resolutions, you didn’t read this far. <heh heh>

If you have been on the fence about this, now you might take another look at the possibilities.

If you are a committed resolver, you can , perhaps, add some ammunition to your armory of personal power.

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